Stay Up-To-Date With Your Employees

Maximize Efficiency while building Accountability

Stay Up-To-Date With Your Employees

Maximize Efficiency while building Accountability

A Way to Keep Everyone Connected

Know the status and current performance of all employees in Sales, Finance, and Administration while keeping everyone on the same page. Go beyond raw production numbers and really know how your employees are performing day by day, hour by hour, live.

Employee Main Features

Employee Main Features

Employee Status

At any given moment, know who is:

  • Available
  • With a Customer
  • At Lunch
  • Gone for the Day
  • In a Meeting
  • …And more


A live, up-to-date, sales board accessible on every salesperson’s and manager’s individualized dashboards.


Key Performance Indicators like you haven’t seen before. Relay goes beyond just raw production numbers by capturing data never captured before, anywhere.

Full List of Employee Features

Individualized Dashboards

Tailored dashboards for different dealership roles, offering quick access to personalized data and key metrics to enhance productivity.

Profit Analysis

Gain insight into profitability with detailed analytics that help identify trends and opportunities for growth that goes beyond raw production numbers.


Set clear objectives and goals, ensuring your sales team stays focused and up-to-date with their current progress.

Progress Tracking

Track sales & job performance in real-time, allowing you to adjust strategies and tactics as needed.

Activity Logs

Keep a detailed record of all activities, offering transparency and accountability in your dealership.

Real-Time Collaboration

Work together seamlessly with associates across your dealership, improving efficiency and accountability.

Time Management

Optimize your time and tasks to ensure maximum productivity and jump start your workflow.

Centralized Communication

Streamline conversations and threads in our application, eliminating countless text and email chains.

Notifications / Comments

Stay informed with real-time updates and engage in communication through comments, keeping everyone on the same page.