Have Everyone on the Same Page

Constantly stay connected without any hassle with our Communication Component.

Getting Everyone on the Same Page

Connect the Variable side of your dealership together while eliminating the endless number of text and email chains.

Messaging System

Tired of countless email and text chains? Our in-app messaging system keeps all messages, comments, and notifications in-app so that you don't have to rely on text, phone, or email.

Deal & Contract Notifications

Don't know where your deal is in Finance? Don't know if you contract is Funded? No problem, sit back and know exactly what the status of all your deals and contracts in seconds.

DMS & Credit Portal Integration

We communicate with the systems you already use allowing for a seamless integration into your current workflow.

Communication Features

Relay features that allow you to stay up-to-date on everything going on in your dealership.

Centralized Communication

Streamline conversations and data, making collaboration easier and more organized.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed by being notified when important information is updated in Relay by other associates.


Seamlessly connect with the systems you already use.

Deal, Contract, & Vehicle Updates

Monitor the status of contracts in real-time, providing convenient and easy visibility into pending, signed, and completed agreements.

Vehicle Status

Get updates on the condition and location of every vehicle, helping you manage and communicate vehicle information.

Deal Notifications

Instantly know all missing, needed, or pending items on all deals, contracts, and vehicles.

Make Ready Updates

Keep tabs on tasks needed to prepare vehicles for sale, ensuring everyone knows when a vehicle will be made ready.

Plate Status Updates

Track license plate status and manage communication to stay up-to-date and organized.